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My name is Marguerite, and I am an Artist, Dog Owner, and Animal Lover.  I am a trained artist, with a Bachelor of Fine Arts from the School of Visual Arts in NYC.  


I began painting pet portraits professionally over ten years ago and fell in love with each subject- some I was lucky enough to meet in person, and others just through the intimate process of painting their picture. 

Painting has always been my creative outlet, and painting pets has been one of the most rewarding avenues for me to share my love of art, and give joy to people that love their animals.  


I always enjoy hearing the stories, quirks, and amount of love that each animal brings into the home.  I feel honored for being able to be a part of that!



Rita's Ranch Project

I have been able to use painting as a grounding and meditative practice throughout my life.  Rita's Ranch, is my opportunity to share that with women and provide a retreat setting, which allows for community, connection, and self awareness.  Starting in 2019, Rita's Ranch will manifest itself as a powerful, orchestrated group, where women can go  and spend time painting, meditating, and  rediscovering who they are.  Follow #RitasRanch2019 for more details.



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